The Art of War: How Will Team Trump Fare on the Field of Battle?

by Charles Carreon
February 18, 2017

Sun Tzu, author of the Chinese strategy classic, The Art of War, observed that if you take a proper accounting of the strengths and weaknesses of an army, you can forecast how it will fare in armed conflict. Five factors must be assessed to determine which army will win an armed engagement: philosophy, climate, […]

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Has It Happened Here?

by Charles Carreon
February 15, 2017
Each Night & Day I Pray for the Fall of the U.S.A.
— by Tara Carreon
The nation’s self-image has suffered a blow from which it will never recover – the President’s weird hair flip is the new logo for “USA” on every TV in the world, pushing aside […]

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The Royal Hunt of Donald the Terrible

by Charles Carreon
January 21, 2017

Washington loves nothing so much as a hunt, and the hunt started by the CIA, that set CNN and the rest of the press to croaking like a swamp full of bullfrogs, has been a Royal Hunt, indeed.  Built of purest innuendo, the “intelligence dossier” that gave room for full-bore accusations of treason against […]

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Fake News, Self-Censorship and the Three Stupid Monkeys

by Charles Carreon
December 11, 2016

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”  This formulation was first declared to me by some peer at the age of three or four – a veritable wise man he seemed to me – revealing the meaning of the mysterious three-monkey tableux so often encountered among the knick knacks adults accumulated in those […]

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No Lesser Evil

by Charles Carreon
October 9, 2016

Good afternoon, evening, morning or whatever time it is for you, this is LofiNikita, signing on for the first time in a long time, because we have news, real news, for the first time in a long time. John Podesta’s emails were hacked, according to the Obama Securitat, by an official Russian government hacker, […]

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He Photographs the Fashionable

He Photographs the Fashionable

by Nick Mueller


In baby blue smock that yields just at the waist

he pumps merrily and fearlessly at the bicycle pedals

through seasons and traffic and decades.


If I could stride so baby blue and youthful, then I

would be more surprised at oncoming oddities,

more open to them, perhaps.  Wouldn’t you?


I like so much about him and in him and […]

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The Arc of Trump

by Charles Carreon
May 5, 2016

Sometimes you can tell you’re dreaming, because you notice that something you are seeing, or something you are doing, is impossible.  The Tibetans teach you to stimulate this kind of observation by asking yourself, while wide awake, “Am I dreaming?”  They say you develop the habit, and it creeps into your dreams, and then […]

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The Combustible Arrogance of Hillary Clinton

by Charles Carreon

One thing the Clinton machine does not claim to be is pretty. They make no pretense — people, individual voters, do not matter.  Delegates matter.  Math will decide the outcome — math that has nothing to do with the popular vote. Victory is assured and they don’t mind letting you know.

In an ordinary year, with no […]

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Trump, the Protesters, and Public Forum Law

by Charles Carreon
March 15, 2016

Oregon v. Huberty

In around 1998, I represented a retired airman named Don Huberty in People v. State of Oregon v. Huberty against a charge of Second Degree Trespass in probably the longest trespass trial in Josephine County history: three days.  It took so long because Don’s defense against his refusal to leave the County offices was […]

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Library, Rest in Peace

by Charles Carreon
July 17, 2015

If you’re reading this, the American Buddha Online Library is down, and you are one of the thousands of people today who are wondering where it went.  Its disappearance is in large part my fault.  I incorporated the American Buddha nonprofit corporation and served as ABOL’s lawyer for fifteen years, and helped it keep […]

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