by Charles Carreon


Bern ‘Em Out!, by Tara Carreon

One thing the Clinton machine does not claim to be is pretty. They make no pretense — people, individual voters, do not matter.  Delegates matter.  Math will decide the outcome — math that has nothing to do with the popular vote. Victory is assured and they don’t mind letting you know.

In an ordinary year, with no viable alternative to being mothered by a full-metal hen,  Democratic voters would accept Hillary without cavil.  But this unexpected headwind of discontent among the young has derailed her plans.  Yes, along came Bernie, blowing her plan to inherit the White House from her boss.  Everyone in the world had been kissing up to her, except for those Republicans with their Benghazi email nonsense, and they would surely come to heel.

Hillary and Bill do not attempt to conceal their sense of entitlement to rule.  They have put together a network of world connections that will keep them very wealthy for a very long time, whether she returns as President to the White House, or not.  She will be another great lady regardless how the nation’s process allocates the presidency.

The cost of another Clinton presidency will be far more consequential to the nation and the earth. Take simply this matter — that the world teeters on the precipice of climate catastrophe, and Hillary is an international fracking cheerleader and fixer for the oil industry.

Most young Democratic voters are rejecting Clinton’s appointment to the presidency by an ingrown technocratic elite.  The privileged have led America into a morass.  People are out of work, broke, unable to retire, unable to find work, unable to find homes, overdosing on lethal drugs.  The privileged don’t know this, though. And up until this presidential election, it was possible to condition the mass mind with injections of television advertising.  The connection was pretty much direct — deal the right spin at the right moment, inject enough ad dollars into prime time, and the election was yours.

This is not so easy these days.  First, you can’t be influenced by TV if you don’t watch it, and a lot of the young voters don’t.  Second, the young are less gullible about political advertising, in part because there’s so much of it, and in part because the ubiquity of digital advertising has deflated the persuasive value of all advertising. Third, the opposition now pushes counterspin through social media. And fourth, contrary to Hillary’s comment, the kids do a little research on political issues these days.

Precisely because the fix is in, the kids are not all right with the situation.  Precisely because Hillary will tell you that she’s a sure thing, she is perhaps, not.  I mean, it just burns you.