The Art of War: How Will Team Trump Fare on the Field of Battle?

by Charles Carreon
February 18, 2017

Sun Tzu, author of the Chinese strategy classic, The Art of War, observed that if you take a proper accounting of the strengths and weaknesses of an army, you can forecast how it will fare in armed conflict. Five factors must be assessed to determine which army will win an armed engagement: philosophy, climate, […]

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Has It Happened Here?

by Charles Carreon
February 15, 2017
Each Night & Day I Pray for the Fall of the U.S.A.
— by Tara Carreon
The nation’s self-image has suffered a blow from which it will never recover – the President’s weird hair flip is the new logo for “USA” on every TV in the world, pushing aside […]

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The Faith of an Advocate

By Charles Carreon
March 22, 2015


In my experience, a lawyer is often the first person to believe in the unpopular individual. I do not mean that only lawyers take up the cause of the unpopular, or that all lawyers do it. Quite the contrary – non-lawyers champion the weak and oppressed as a daily matter, and the majority […]

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“Jobs”: The Canonization of a Visionary Autocrat

by Charles Carreon
April 25, 2014

I  don’t know who Steve Jobs really was, because he is so wrapped in myth and lore and legend that his true identity is as undiscoverable as my own, hidden beneath a mass of casual obloquy.  I have no desire to concretize my view of him at all, because he was who he was, and […]

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